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Alumni Teachers at Woods Cross

Katelynn Voss, Sarah Sloan, Measha McDowell, Newspaper Staff

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Have you ever thought about which teachers sat in your exact seat, some just a few years ago? Out of sixty teachers, seven graduated from Woods Cross and came back. Here are their stories.           

Mark Tate is one of those few teachers.  He teaches Biology and Chemistry.

When Mr. Tate was asked what he wanted to be while he was a senior at Woods Cross High, he said, “Architect, I still draw plans as a hobby. One day I would like to design my own house or cabin.”

Even though he didn’t plan on coming back to Woods Cross to teach, he started coaching and eventually fit right in. If he could say anything to the seniors at Woods Cross now that would be to “Believe in yourself and never give up”

Melissa Atwood is also one of these teachers; she teaches math. 

Even though Mrs. Atwood ended up at Woods Cross High when she really didn’t plan on it, she always thought it would be the best case scenario. Mrs. Atwood, at the time of high school wanted to go to Med. School and become an Orthopedic Surgeon. Her favorite thing about being back at Woods Cross is that everything is well rounded. We have a little of everything here. If she could let the seniors know her opinion she would make sure to include starting some kind of education, whether it’s at a university, college tech school or apprentice. To keep learning.  She is in fact, a true wildcat.

Todd Campbell teaches band.  We lost an awesome band teacher two years ago, but gained an even better one.  Mr. Campbell came down from the South Davis Junior High two years ago to take head in our band department, and hasn’t let us down since. He wanted to be an engineer when he was younger, but because of his strong music tradition he went into teaching. His advice to the seniors that have no plans after high school would be to explore the possibilities.   His favorite thing about Woods Cross is that everyone is somebody; there isn’t anyone that goes unnoticed. We’ll give it to him; he is also in fact, a true wild cat.

Jessica Heck teaches Creative Writing, English 10, English 11, and Debate.

Mrs. Heck is one of our newer teachers; she came in at a perfect time and has changed students output on writing and English. She has always wanted to work with kids and wanted to be a lawyer. She soon switched to getting her degree to become a social worker. Her second year in college she switched, once again, and got her teaching degree. If she could give any advice to the seniors, she would tell them: “You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do- because it will probably change anyways. But, if you do have something planned, college will be a lot cheaper. Also, don’t rely on ‘getting married’ as an option right out of high school, work on having your own identity first.” She says she thinks she’s a true wildcat because when she was here as a student and now as a teacher she has always been willing to act like a fool and try everything at least once!

Adam Hood, who teaches applied skills, history, and math only graduated a few years ago. While Mr. Hood was in high school he had no clue what he wanted to be. His plans ended after graduation, as soon as he outlived those plans he had to come up with something new. He coached at Woods Cross while he was in college. He had history classes and he fell in love with the subject so it just made sense to go into teaching. He thinks that all the seniors that don’t have an idea of what to do out of high school need to make a vague idea, and then fill in all of the little details. If you don’t have a vague idea then think of everything you don’t want to do and get away from it.  We asked him his favorite thing about Woods Cross and he said, “I love the building design, it’s like the pentagon of high schools, only less pentagonal and squarer, in a round sort of way. They really follow their motto, everybody is fact a somebody here at Woods Cross.”  He doesn’t just think he’s a true wildcat- He knows.



Alumni Teachers not included: Mark McCleery, Noelle Viny, Shon Feller.


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Home of the Wildcats
Alumni Teachers at Woods Cross