Nightmare On Wildcat Way

January 5, 2011

     Every year, Woods Cross is graced with the opportunity to watch the productions that Janet Cook and the drama department create. This year, the Dinner Theater showed us one of those great productions.

     In October, for the spooky holiday, the Haunted Music Review performed and stunned us all (and scared us a little too). The cast performed haunting renditions of all the eerie songs we have all come to love.  Everyone was heard and hypnotized us with their melodic voices. But the singing wasn’t the only thing that was performed so well. The dancing in the Haunted Music Review was to die for.  Every dance was choreographed perfectly and executed flawlessly.  Altogether, this Haunted Music Review was killer and haunted members of the audience for days.

     Janet and her crew never cease to amazing us and this year was no different. Now all we have to do is wait for the next chilling production from the drama department.

 Photo by Kent Kirkham