The Bright Future of Debate

January 20, 2011

     The Arizona Immigration law (SB1070), is a very controversial topic, and is subject to some debate. Topics such as this come up in everyday situations quite often. Some students enjoy debating, and for this demographic, the Woods Cross Debate Team gives a great opportunity to further understanding the world around them. The real challenge is when students are faced with competition in more advanced divisions.

     Last year, the Debate Team performed well enough to advance to a higher division. Many students are concerned about this new division, and what challenges it will bring. Mrs. Gregg, the administrator in charge of debate expressed how this year’s young talent has great potential, “I am impressed with the strength of the sophomores and juniors this year”.

     In debate you must work not as individuals, but as a team of intelligent minds. The team goes through many challenges that help strengthen them. I spoke to a senior by the name of Matt Perkins, and he said, “The team has recently gone through disciplinary reforms which make it easier for students to feel comfortable and more freely express themselves”. The Debate Team here at Woods Cross is in for a very bright future.