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Kiya Cline, Student Writer

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Our Woods Cross Cheerleaders are always full of energy, making us laugh, and making everything a blast!

The girls on this squad are Dakota Byers, Whitnee Rogers, Jayci Horgeshimer, Whitney Romney, Ashley Harrison, Marissa Appiah, McKenzie Simpson, McKinley Reynolds, Breanna Price, Jackie Smith, Gentry Hunsaker, Ryliee Martin, Lexi Howe, Mikelle Folsom, Katy Dunbar, Hailey Tebbs, Kelli Horgeshimer, Katie Thompson, Alexis Devey, Lauren Johnson, Madie Bishop, Emilee Bray, Madi Hoffman, Mariah Paul, and Kambree Robinson.

These girls work really hard to be their very best! To be the best requires a lot of practice and effort. Our cheerleaders practice at least 8 hours a week! They practice every B day and every Tuesday and Friday. They also have to keep their grades up and do their very best in school.

One of our sophomore cheerleaders, Whitnee Rogers, told us that she has been cheering for 8 years. She loves it with all her heart! All of the cheerleaders are so close and are all best friends. She says, “We are always together and call each other sisters.” Whitnee’s favorite part of cheerleading is stunting and tumbling. Whitnee also cheers at the Cheerz Gym. It’s a competition team and it gets very competitive.  She works very hard and has been doing it for a long time. Whitnee loves cheering for Woods Cross and has a blast supporting the school! 

To be on Woods Cross’s Cheerleading team you need to have at least a standing tuck and round off back handspring layout. You also need to be able to have a 3.0 GPA.  Our cheerleaders love to have fun, but at the same time work very hard! They encourage anyone who wants to try out to do it!

Our cheerleaders have a competition on Saturday, January 12th at Timpview High School. We wish them the best and encourage everyone to go and support them! Good Luck girls!!

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Our Cheerleaders