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Spring Fashion

Gianna Grant and Shuling Ma, Student Life Staff

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Don’t these warm, nice days, make you want to dress to impress and look your best? 2012’s spring fashion has some new major changes compared to the last seasons. There are all kinds of different styles… so no matter what your body type is, there is a style for you!

 The newest trend this spring for pants or shorts is a floral print. The idea is kind of vintage actually. The store Forever 21 has bottoms like this for a great deal, some even as low as $19.80. Another great new trend for shorts this spring is High Waist shorts. If you bend over a lot, these are the shorts for you. Usually they come in a variety of bright colors, or just a simple denim blue color. Shorts like these are around $15.00.

                *Another pattern that people seem to really like this season is cheetah print. It’s cute… but if you’re going out with a huge group of friends, make sure you aren’t all wearing cheetah print shorts.

 The top half of your outfit doesn’t seem as important this spring. The trend for shirts is something simple, like a plain V-neck, or a cute crop top. If you don’t mind showing a little skin, the basic plain tank top is in right now too. Remember though, mixing patterns is not usually the cutest, so if you’re wearing the floral bottoms, please wear a plain and simple top.

                *If it’s a little chilly, don’t be afraid to wear a cute blazer, cardigan or jean jacket over your top.  It will defiantly add a little something to your outfit. 

Let’s say you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t really like showing off her body… well that’s no problem at all! A simple Maxi dress would be the perfect thing for you this spring. They come in all different lengths, so if you feel like being super conservative one day, and then wild the next, that’s not a problem either… just don’t forget to wear little spanks under your dress… some spring days can get pretty windy!

You’re feeling lazy today, are you? If you don’t feel like picking out a top, a bottom, and a cardigan to go over, simply throw on some short cut overalls. Yes, you read it right! Faded, short cut overalls are really in this season! Throw on a simple shirt, your overalls over it, some sneakers and you’re ready to go.

There seriously are some crazy trends out there for spring 2012, but if you’re daring enough to try them, go for it! Odds are you’ll look amazing!

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Spring Fashion