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All About Us – Senior Ball

McLayne Ycmat

Liesl Roberts, Head Editor

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Tickets are $15 this week and they are being sold during lunch in front of the main office.

Senior Ball is the final combined formal dance for all grades. All students are invited to attend, not just seniors.

This year the theme is ‘All About Us.’ Our Senior Class Officers have worked very hard all year to plan this event, and I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

Senior Ball is a great opportunity to let off steam as this school year comes to a close. Senoritis is no excuse. Come to the dance!

This is a boys choice dance and is formal. BOYS! There is still time to ask. The average girl can find a dress to wear in less than 30 minutes. I’m not sugessting this but, let’s say that it’s Friday night and you realize that you want to go to Senior Ball with your friends. Call up one of your really nice girl-friends on the phone and ask her to attend the dance with you. I’m sure she’ll say yes. She might be a little peeved that you didn’t ask her earlier, but I bet she even has a dress all lined up just in case.

April 14th 2012. 8-11 P.M. Salt Palace. Located at: 90 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.

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All About Us – Senior Ball