Vending Machines

Shuling Ma, Eric Holley, Gianna Grant, Student Life Staff

Vending Machine Snacks? The Highlight of High School!

For most students the first thing we think about is our stomachs! We’re lucky enough to have vending machines at Woods Cross High so we can grab a snack right before a test so we aren’t focusing on our stomach growling and actually focusing on doing well on our test. They are especially helpful because most students are on a “student salary”, so being able to get a good sized snack for $1.00 or $1.50 is really helpful. There are all kinds of things you can get from the vending machines here at Woods Cross High school like; water, Sobe drinks, soda, chocolate muffins, milk, Snack Packs, assorted candy bars, gummy candies, gum, mints, crackers, chips, and cookies. These machines offer a huge selection and really help us “get through the day”. About 30-40 students use the machines just at lunch all around the school! BUT Students…remember you have to be responsible about the vending machines and NOT go get snacks when you are in class and your teacher is teaching. These machines are a nice thing to have and we wouldn’t want them to get taken away! Right?

We interviewed a Kamilla Mendia to see what she thought of the vending machines! She said, “The vending machines are awesome! They’re perfect for when you have a few bucks and you forget your lunch and you need a snack to get you through the day! And they even have HEALTHY things in there for you to get like breakfast muffins, beef jerky, baked chips, milk, and stuff like that! I think students really take advantage of them and put them to good use! And that is something that should be talked about in the newspaper!”

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