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Confessions of a High School Freshman

Abbie Isaac, Student Life Editor

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Remember how it was when you went to Sophomore Orientation and you were nervous? Remember how you pretended to be all cool and not nervous?  When asked, “What makes you nervous about coming to high school?”, one sophomore boy answers , “Nothing makes me nervous.” Really? Absolutely nothing on this planet, even facing one of the most terrifying Godzilla teachers doesn’t make you shiver in your wee boots just a little bit? I received this answer twice more, once with a little winking face.

Fortunately, more people admitted they were nervous, the most prevalent reason being? “This school is big and confusing.”

Correct freshmen, this school is confusing. Eventually, they will learn how to navigate by vending machines and the random pictures on the walls. It’s also the one thing that most of them have heard about Woods Cross. Most freshmen did not mention teams, events, or a reputation. We are known for being big and confusing. I think we may need to fix that.

Apparently, they are also nervous about, “Creepy guys who follow you around even after you tell them to back off multiple times.” I did not know that this was a problem, personally. But I suppose that if a sophomore with older siblings is worried about it, it could be a possibility. 

A majority of incoming freshmen say they have little to look forward to, except graduating and their favorite sport. We should teach these unschooled, nervous children the finer points of high school. What about vending machines, open campus, lunch with everyone, abundance of bathroom stalls with doors on them, and newspaper of course.

People should also brush up on their cheeses. I’ve never heard of this “I don’t know” cheese, but it does not sound as good as gouda or gruyere. It’s important to get your cheese flavors right, in case you’re ever in a cheese emergency. It can happen.

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Confessions of a High School Freshman