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Abbie Isaac, Student Life Editor

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M&M’s are delicious. They are made of chocolate, and despite claims they actually do melt on your hand and leave little spots of dye on your skin if you hold them for a long time. People eat a lot of these chocolate candies covered in a hard candy shell. I eat a lot of them, people I know eat a lot of them. Maybe even whole bowlfuls.

M&M’s started in the 1940’s when the Mars company discovered the practicality of chocolate that didn’t melt in your hand. They sold them to soldiers during World War 2, and were a fantastic success. It continued from there, and now they’re sold worldwide to dozens of countries because, face it, everybody loves chocolate. There are a lot of flavors; milk chocolate, peanut, dark chocolate, dark chocolate peanut, almond, peanut butter, pretzel, and coconut.

Even though M&M’s are delicious, you can do other things with them.

1.       They’re really good for throwing at people. They’re small, they’re hard, and once people see that you’re throwing candy at them, they won’t hate you as much for throwing things at them. You can place them on a spoon, and launch it. This is far better than waded paper or pencils, since waded paper isn’t chocolate and pencils can poke eyes out.

2.       Play BINGO! Instead of those annoying squares of paper that fall all over everywhere and blend in with the carpet, or boring red plastic disks, use M&M’s! They’re colorful, easily found on virtually any floor, and you can eat them afterwards. The only downside is that whilst playing Bingo, there is a giant pile of chocolate staring at you, saying, “Eat me!”

3.       For teachers- M&M’s can be used for counting, sorting, and other various educational pursuits. When I was in 9th grade, my geography teacher used the distribution of M&M’s to explain the distribution of wealth among the world. I represented Africa, I got half an M&M. My friend who represented the United States got 17. It was an eye opening day.

4.       Announcements! The Mars company offers the option of customizing M&M’s with pictures and words. Did you have a baby girl? Instead of sending a boring card to people, send them tiny packages with your happy news printed on it.

Now, go home and eat chocolate. If you would like more information that is less confusing, click here http://www.mms.com/us/about/mmshistory/

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