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Late Start

Eric Holley, Gianna Grant, Shuling Ma, Student Life Staff

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When you think of LATE START CONSULTATION TUESDAYS what do YOU think of!? Well…most people think “Late Start Tuesday….”Sleep In” Tuesday…but we are here to tell you that most students do not use consultation days to their advantage! Consultations days can be used to go into school and have more time to get needed help from the busy teachers at our school. You can even use consultation days to come in and do missing and/or absent work that you may have that is keeping you from that A or B in the class! We decided to ask teachers and students what they did on their late start days and if they used them…

Mrs. Atwood (Geometry, Algebra 2/Teacher)

As a teacher what goes on when during late start consultation in your class?

“So there are 2 consultations during late start time, and I have probably helped only 7 people throughout this whole year. Because kids don’t come in and get the help that they need and they are welcome to come in! And they are tardy more often on those days, but it would be really good if people actually came in and got help, because it’s a great time to get extra help.”

Ms. Allen (Sociology, Intro Health Science/Teacher)

What do you do for late start?

“Sometimes we have meetings that we attend. Sometimes we have consultation and that’s where we have students come in and do assignments or tests. I get about 5 students per consultations…Oh! We also have link crew meetings too! So that’s a time where we get together with link crew.”

Jenna Davis (10th/Student)

What do you generally use late start for?

“I use late start to eat a good breakfast! Usually I don’t have time to eat because I’m in a hurry to school to get there on time or I am late.”

                Do you use late start to finish assignments or take or redo tests?

“Only if I really need to, but I get my homework done on time usually.”

Kamilla Mendia (10th/Student)

Do you use late start to make up tests or assignments?

“Yes, I’ll come in during late start and make up that test or assignment as soon as I can. It is really helpful honestly.”

Do you come in during late start a lot?

“Yeah! Because my bus has to come around that time on Tuesday mornings…so Yes I do!”


                Mason Shelton (12th/Student)

What do you do for late start days?

“I usually use them as a day to sleep in or sometimes I will go in and make up a test.”

Do you think late start is useful?

“Yeah! I would be really mad if I got a zero or a bad score on a test because I couldn’t come in and do it, or I didn’t feel like I had enough time to really work on it.”

Jeff Anderson 10th/Student)

What do you do on your late start days, are they useful to you?

“They sure are! Like when you are late to 1st period because you have appointments in the mornings and you have to miss that class, you can just go in on consultation days and make up tests! I actually went into Mr. Tate’s room long ago, and made some stuff up!”

Well as you can see a lot of students really appreciate late start and what it has to offer, and teachers think that a lot of students could benefit greatly from it. If you think there is anything that students should know about talk to the Student Life Section.

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Late Start