Abbie Isaac, Student Life Editor

The Sweetheart’s Dance is coming up on February 25th! The FCCLA has been working hard to make this dance perfect, and they are very excited to get it going. Royalty has been chosen, and will be revealed soon.

Every girl should ask every boy, or multiple boys so everyone can go. Or, you should just buy tickets and go without a date. The dance is semi-formal, so that means you should not wear sweats. You can, however, wear a ball gown.

Come to the Woods Cross High School gymnasium to dance the night away from 8-11 PM, presenting your ticket that you previously purchased for $10 or buy one there for $15. Pictures to capture the magic of this day will be available for groups and single couples in front of the gym or upstairs behind the bleachers, respectively.

The theme song of this evening will be So Close. Can you not imagine the light hearted revelry in dancing with people you enjoy spending time with? Come to the dance, for it is somewhat Valentine’s-y themed. It will be great.

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