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Teacher Spotlight: Steve Drott

Eric Holley, Gianna Grant, Shuling Ma, Student Life Staff

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Students, have you ever wondered about your teachers and how they got to teaching YOU!?! We got a short interview with Steve Drott, a Biology, Zoology, and Marine Biology a teacher here at Woods Cross. He has been teaching here for 5 years, and been teaching for 25 years.

Where did you grow up

“Orange County, California”

 What did you want to be when you grew up?

“Initially I was going to go in to medicine; I was going to be a doctor. Then I went to college right after high school, and decided that is was just too competitive. So I figured if I was going to spend 5 years in college I would spend it something I was really interested in, which was the ocean. So I changed schools and went to UC Santa Barbra and got my degree in Marine Biology.”

 Have any major events happened in your life. Either throughout your life or currently?

“Yeah yeah…the biggest move was going to college. After college I went on a trip around the South Pacific, and I was begging for change on this big corner of Tahiti to make a phone call and I met my wife! We just had our 25th anniversary! She was traveling too, she just graduated college from a different college and it was just a random thing…I asked her if she spoke English, and she had the same flight to leave the next day as me to another island. We just kept traveling together, and…both our moms were elementary school teachers…both our dads worked in aerospace. We lived 20 miles apart, and met on in the middle of the ocean in Tahiti! And getting cancer a couple years ago…just totally changed my life.”

 Where did you go to school?

“At UC Santa Barbra, and then I got my master’s degree at the University of Utah.”

 How do you like the classes you’re teaching this year?

“I like them! Half my classes are my Marine Biology classes, which are kids who are interested in that…and that’s my favorite subject obviously. Then uhh..my Zoology classes are really good, then I got two really good Biology classes this year! So I enjoy them this year.”

 How do you like working with your co-workers?

“Good co-workers! I get along with every teacher,  the best people are the secretaries, and the administration tries hard and the teachers…we all get along! It’s a good school!

 How was your recent Marine Biology Trip?

“The trip was good! I had 9 students… I have some from Viewmont… some from Bountiful… some from here. It was a good trip, 5 days of a lot of things! We went to the aquarium, whale watching, sea kayaked, we went up and saw some elephant seals, we hiked, we went to nature reserves, tide pools, saw some of San Francisco, and then the Monterey Peninsula! So it was really a good trip! We got to do a lot!”

 Do you have any embarrassing moments that you would like to tell us about?!?

“I have had a lot, being a teacher you have a lot!”

And you thought teachers were boring?! We found out a lot about Mr. Drott, in just a 5 minute interview! If you have any teachers you would like to know more about…talk to any of the Student Life writers in Mr. Feller’s 4th period class! Thanks Students!



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Teacher Spotlight: Steve Drott