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Abbie Isaac, Student Life Editor

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The little girl took the pink plastic dinosaur, flung it in the clear tub of water, and gasped in amazement as it sank to the bottom.

“Look teacher, it sank! Plastic dinosaurs can’t swim!”

As I knelt by the desk of a very confused eight year old, he said quietly, “Everyone can fold their paper right, but I can’t.”

“Here, if you fold these corners together, like they’re hugging, it turns out right!” I told him, pointing to the corners of the paper. Carefully, his tongue sticking out in concentration, he folded the paper and smoothed the creases with his knuckles. Triumphantly, he lifted the paper and showed the boy sitting next to him.

This is why I’m going to be a teacher. It isn’t because I like math or I’m good at public speaking. I love it when the light bulb goes on, those moments of understanding that light up a child’s face.  I love it when they say or do funny things, like being entertained by a lava lamp for nearly an hour.

I know this about me because of a class called CE Education 1010. This class is designed to teach students about teaching, and familiarize them with all the facets. It’s offered by Weber State University for 3 credit hours for Woods Cross, Viewmont, and Bountiful High School students.  

This class is a good idea for everyone. People have been telling you since you were born to explore lots of different careers. Here’s your chance to actually do it. Imagine spending thousands of dollars and years of your life preparing to be a teacher, and then realizing you hate it. If you take this class, you can avoid that.  You can find out now if you hate children, for free. Or, you can find out that teaching is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

In class we’re given time for Teacher Observations, or as Mr. McCleery calls them, Field Studies. In these, we leave school and observe teachers from different grade levels. It is so much fun. I realized many things while observing. For example, when teachers say they can see everything that goes on in the classroom, they really can.

During the semester, we take a field trip to FEA Day at Weber State. All day, students are engaged in fun activities and listen to exciting guest speakers. Students who have taken the class before say that it was the best thing they did all year.

Class time is also a lot of fun. Mr. McCleery shares many great and hilarious experiences from his years of teaching.  You hear so many stories and experiences, and learn all sorts of ideas from students you’ve never even seen before.

Take the class. If I could, I would take it again. March on down to your counselor and demand to be put in Education 1010 for next semester.

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Take Education 1010