Psych Bowl

Sarah Beynon

Kate Elwick, Editor

     If you are a student involved in AP classes this year, you are among those who are stressing about AP tests approaching in May. Lucky for you, teachers are doing everything that they can to help prepare students for the college level test questions.

     For all of the students who are taking the Psychology test on May 2nd, Mrs. Nielson is in charge of the annual Psychology Bowl, which is designed to help students study for the AP Psychology test. At the competition, ten team members will be competing to retain their spot as the number one team in the district. Team members this year include:  Jane Campbell, Chris Carey, Abby Harris, Cassidy Hills, Steven Jessup, Alexis Johnson, Marcus Lee, Kaitlyn Paxton, Stephanie Todd, and Lynden Turner. Not only will they win the pride of being the best team, but winners of the Psych Bowl will be awarded a t-shirt, a trophy, and $25 gift cards for every team member.

     More important than the prizes, the team members and audience members will gain the practice and knowledge that will help them to ace the AP test next month. All AP Psychology students are encouraged to go and watch the Psych Bowl on Saturday, April 23 at 9-12 at Davis High to brush up on psychology trivia, and support our Woods Cross team!

Photo by: Sarah Beynon

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