Home of the Wildcats

Sarah Bennet

Sheri Kinder, Co-Editor

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     Sarah Bennett, senior, has a busy schedule every day, but she is very happy about it. She wakes up every morning at six o’clock, and goes to school. When she comes home, she practices her flute and does her homework, goes to dance for about an hour and a half, comes, works on her homework some more, and then goes to bed at 11:30.

     Sarah is a very hardworking student, as she is involved in Madrigals, Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, PTSA student recognition, and is an officer of the NHS. In all these groups that she participates in, she has an important role. In Madrigals she is the Vice President, she is the President of PTSA, and the Historian of NHS.

     Although Sarah says that she “Loves being involved and interacting with a lot of people,” she still finds time to have fun. She loves to read, swim, and do outdoor things like hiking and bike riding, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

    Colors tend to say a lot about someone’s personality, and of all colors to pick, blue stands out to Sarah the most, because she finds it to be “a happy, calming, and pretty color.” This is an interesting description of the color, for her sweet and down-to-earth personality seems to reflect all of these traits.

    Bennett also loves to travel, and some of her favorite places to go are: India, Israel, Korea, and Ecuador.
This sweet girl has an active social life, a balanced academic reputation, and loves to stay involved in school activities. All in all, she is the textbook definition of a Woods Cross Wildcat.

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Home of the Wildcats
Sarah Bennet