Jarom Soule

Kate Elwick, Editor

     On the surface, one would find Woods Cross junior Jarom Soule a seemingly normal student. He participates in Model UN, is heavily active in Debate, attends the Current Events Club weekly, and plans to contribute to Mock Trial this year. He loves to watch movies, play the drums and guitar, and loves to spend time with friends. He has three little sisters, and one older brother waiting for him at home every day. Sounds like a fairly normal teenage boy, doesn’t he? What few seem to know about Mr. Soule is that his personality goes beyond what people initially see.

     His involvement in debate and interest in current events reflect the deep thinking and philosophical mentality that would contribute a unique perspective to any interesting conversation.

     He has more than a general interest for movies and music; he has a passion for them. His dreams for the future include moving to Seattle to study film, and then directing movies or writing screenplays.He plans to drum for his band Borderline Catastrophic this May at Woodstock, as he did as a sophomore last year.

     Although his appearance may suggest otherwise, Jarom has an extremely broad and versatile span of interests. He says that “A lot of people see me as a mean kid because I’m sarcastic and honest. I really enjoy the presence of people, and discussing things. I’m just not a fake person.”

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