Lunch: Get the best for your buck.

Lauren McMullin, Opinion Editor

As soon as the lunch bell rings at 12:10, students pile into the backseats of their cars and spin off into various locations to hunt for the cheapest places to eat.  Some of the more popular places to eat include Blimpie, Joy Luck, Spanky’s, Costa Vida, Keva Juice, Einstein Bagels, and Wendy’s.  However, these aren’t necessarily the least expensive places to eat. 

The cheapest places to dine during lunch include Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Arby’s, that is, if you’re in the mood for some fast food.  If you want some higher end foods that are cheap you can go to Einstein Bagel’s and get a bagel from only about $1.00-$2.70.  Costco is also one of the cheapest places to get food; you can get a hot dog for $1.50 and a big slice of pizza for $1.99.                 

Cheap isn’t exactly a word you here lately at lunch, especially after a raise of some prices since last year.  Last year, Blimpie’s student meal, including a fountain drink, chips and a cookie, was only $4.00 and this year, it has gone up by 50 cents.  Blimpie’s rival sandwich shop, Spanky’s, is more expensive than  that at $5.00, however it has higher quality sandwiches with thicker, fluffier bread and much more condiments piled on to it.  When asking Erik Mangelson, a senior, on which sub shop he preferred he answered, “I prefer Spanky’s because their subs fill you up more.”  So the question is, which do you prefer, better quality or cheaper sandwiches?  

Chinese food is definitely a contender with the sandwich eating grounds during lunch.  Joy Luck, with its delicious cuisine, easy going waiters, and fast service is definitely a favored spot.  Students have been given cold food or food with egg shells in it.  “Both my friend and I found egg shells in our rice one time,” said Shelby Christensen.  Despite these downers Joy Luck is still seen as the best Chinese around, only $4.00 a plate for a student meal.  Along with the best Chinese, we have the worst.  Wok Lin may be cheap, but that bargain doesn’t make up for the bad taste it leaves in your mouth.  “It’s like eating baby fetuses. Their chicken tastes like liver. If it even is chicken,” says Emily Binch a senior.

Depending on the lunch prices, and what suits your taste buds, what will you choose to eat at lunch?

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