Words From A Departing Bandcat

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Clifford


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March 4, 2011 • Andrew Hansen, Reporter  
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     By the time you read this article I will have played my last note in my most treasured duty as a member of the Woods Cross Band, that is the duty of Pep Band. We are one of the most underappreciated portions of the high school football and basketball games, win or lose we remain to cheer on the team. We are the soundtrack of celebration and the hopeful light in defeat.

     On the other hand, recently we have failed to live up to the reputation that precedes us, it is not the fault of the teacher, or the band itself, it is the fault of individual members, and before I leave this wonderful school and no longer hold the title of bandcat, I wish to leave some advice to those who come after me (which is why I wrote this article):

  1. Don’t care about whether or not what you do is cool. If you are in band you’re already a nerd. Band itself is “Nerdvana” as the great Doc R. says. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!
  2. Cheer with the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders are not just a club of pretty, popular girls. They do exactly what their name implies: lead cheers. When they turn to the band and shout they expect us to repeat or interact with the cheers.
  3. STAND UP!!!!!! This especially important during basketball games the game moves at a very fast pace and if you are not watching the action you will miss not only important signals but moments where the band will do a cheer that can affect the outcome of the game. (Yes that is possible.)
  4. LISTEN TO THE TEACHER AND DO WHAT HE SAYS.  You may not always agree with him, or his methods, but he is the teacher and you are the student participation is part of your grade, do it and we’ll all be happy.

Before I leave I also have some suggestions for our wonderful student section even better as well.

  1. Cheer with the band. I have not seen a single student section and pep band united in cheer, but I can imagine the awesomeness that would ensue.
  2. Stay out of the band section. Please, just do, you don’t know how to operate the instruments, you get in the way when we’re trying to play, and you really don’t look where you’re going.

     One last thing before I go. Wherever you go in your academic life you are representing your school and what they represent. Woods Cross High School is an amazing place, let’s show everyone how cool it is.

Photo by: Kaitlyn Clifford


6 Responses to “Words From A Departing Bandcat”

  1. Joe on March 7th, 2011 3:07 pm

    Epic picture. You have inspired me to be a bandcat! GO TROMBONES!!!


  2. Kyle Peay on March 9th, 2011 9:47 am

    Thats a great article!! WX band for life.


  3. dingdong dempsey on March 9th, 2011 12:16 pm



  4. jenny orrock on March 14th, 2011 8:49 am



  5. The Band is the Show on March 17th, 2011 1:00 pm

    Thanks for a great read! For many years – at times – The Band has been The Show – at basketball games. I think moving the location from directly in front of the opposing team and their fans is a loss. Where the BB team/program has a philosophy of finesse – The WXHS Band has always been an “in your face/take no prisoners” group. Fast paced songs played with balls on accuracy have amazed crowds. The accolades paid to WXHS for bringing The Band to State Tournaments have been many and loud (almost makes you want a win a few more games). Again thanks for your article. I hope the call for rededication does not go unheeded. It isn’t the completion of that scandal sheet know as a “practice record” signed by parents that are barely awake; moreover, it’s the personal desire to be an accomplished member of a group enjoyed by one and all! Go Cats – Blow loud and long!


  6. meowlao on March 23rd, 2011 11:03 am



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