The Art of Being a Man: Part 2

David Giles, Writer

Every man needs to know how to court women properly. None of this “text only” garbage, foul mouthed, bad manners nonsense. What ever happened to old school dating? “Society has changed and it’s a shame. I don’t know where it went.”- Trent M. I don’t know where it went, but it sure needs to come back. If you’re going to be a real man you must know the art of courting. Not only know it but apply it. Even if you’re not interested in a relationship, some of the essentials should be used. Such things as holding open doors, being respectful, and saying kind words.  

                So what is courting? “I Think that it is the act of making ones self look good around the ladies”- Matt Turley. In one part of the art, looking good is an essential. Looking your best and being presentable is a no brainer. A well-dressed man, teeth brushed, hair combed, clean cloths, and good scent is for sure more likely to attract the attention of the ladies. Anyway, who would want to be around someone who smells bad and looks like they just woke up? Ever seen Megamind? Even as a baby, this super hero was flying around the house with great hair. Later in the movie didn’t you notice the lady who kissed his boots as he flew by?  Appearance is essential. Self-appearance and even the appearance of your house or apartment.

                Manors. Even the word has the word man in it. Who can argue with that? Some common things that everyone should use are addresses like Mr. Mrs. Miss. Sir. Mam, Etc. Refrain from using dude, hey, bro, sup, etc. Address people with respect. Yes sir or yes mam show a high respect for those you are talking to. When talking to someone, at the dinner table, or with anyone for that matter, put your phone away, pay attention, and stop texting. During a conversation, pulling out your phone shows great disrespect and shows that you want to be somewhere else or that they aren’t important to you. “I get mad and hit their phone if they are texting while I’m trying to talk to them”-Abby Anonymous. Never ever, use your phone while using the restroom. No one wants to hear it, so turn it off. Never say um or like. Say thank you, please, and you’re welcome. SmileJ. While on the phone, check your voice, it is how people interpret your mood and emotions. Say hello in a nice happy way. Smile through the way you speak. Be smart in the way you communicate with others and use common sense. Use the golden rule. While at dinner or in public places, use a napkin, eat clean, and thank those who prepare the meal. If you need to be excused, kindly say or ask if you may be excused, and push in your chair. Show respect.

                True men don’t use foul language. “I don’t like it!”- Anonymous WX student. Well said. Cuss words are a huge turn off and show a huge sign of disrespect. You might slip and cuss, but never cuss in the presence of a lady. Try your hardest to say intelligent words and not cuss words. Know what the meaning of a word is before you say it. Most importantly, think before you speak.

                These are only a few of the many things that you need to learn in order to be a real man. Go to the library, check it out on the web, there are many resources on manors and dating tips. Better get on it guys.



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