Davis District Championships

Coach Hansen

Wednesday, September 11th,  the Woods Cross High XC team competed in the Davis District Championships at Layton Commons Park.  This is a high level race where you compete against all of the schools in Davis County.  Whenever Davis High school is part of a competition, you know that it won’t be easy.  Throw in good teams like Clearfield and Syracuse and you have yourself a loaded competition.  Here are a few highlights:
On the girls’ side, both our Varsity and JV teams had 4th place team finishes.  Our girls’ team lost some very good runners last year, so we knew this season was going to be a bit of a rebuild.  Overall, thought that this was a very good performance and we are very pleased with their progress.  In the varsity race, Millika Holbrook was our top girl with a 5th place finish.  She also improved her school best time on the course from 17:27 last year to 17:01 this year.  We also had two new additions to our all-time list for this course with Whitney Terry (19:42) and Sarah Bell (19:45).
On the boys’ side, both our Varsity and JV teams finished 2nd overall in the team competition.  In the JV race Caden Midgley finished 7th overall with a personal best time on the course.  He was the only non Davis runner to medal in the JV race.  In the Varsity race, Jacob Stone took first place with a personal best time of 14:09.  He has the 2nd best time in this history of this race and was only 2 seconds off of the course record.  Taylor Dillon also had a very good race with a personal best time of 14:36 and a 4th place finish.  Additionally, Andrew Rummens and Davis Johnson had personal best times and improved their standings on the all-time list.
The remainder of the results please check here: http://www.davis.k12.ut.us/page/4244
For those who are unclear on how scoring works in XC, here is a brief explanation.  You field team of 7 (in the JV race it is your top 7 kids).  The top 5 kids on the team score points.  You score points based on what place you finish.  For instance, if you are first you get 1 point, second 2 points etc.  Lowest score wins and the lowest score a team can get is 15 (1+2+3+4+5=15 points).  Now while your 6 and 7 runners don’t score, they are still important because if they can get in front of another team’s top 5 runners they displace them and cause them to accumulate more points.
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