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Davis District Track Meet

Liesl Roberts, Head Editor

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Tomorrow, the Woods Cross High School track team will be competing in the Davis School District Track Invitational. This track meet is special in the sense that our team will get to compete in a meet with other schools in our district, not just our region. The Davis District meet is also a qualifying meet! To be able to compete at the State Tournament, you have to reach a certain distance/time in a qualifying meet as opposed to just a regular tri-meet. 

Sosina Salima, a senior on the track team, is working very hard to reach a personal best in throwing the shot put this upcoming track meet. Sosina is already qualified for the State Tournament but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t try her best. “I go to practice every day and work my hardest to be the best thrower I can be!” said Salima. Sosina’s best throw this season is 40 feet 5 inches. Did you know that the average school bus is only 38 feet long? Way to be Sosina!

Trenton Jensen is getting ready for tomorrow’s meet as well. He said that going to practice every day is important. You wouldn’t want to skip a day of practice and lose all the progress, now would you?! 

“Running makes me feel so good inside. After I get done with my race not only do I feel good about myself, I feel clean and refreshed.” said Paulina Blosh. Paulina is a distance runner for the track team. She is working for her personal best time every week.

Although Ashley Rogers can’t compete tomorrow because of an injury, she is still pumped for all of her other teammates. One of the many things Ashley likes about track is the sense of unity. Track is very different from soccer or basketball because it is an individual team sport. Individual team members race/throw/jump against others to better the school’s total score. Ashley also likes how no matter what school you are from, you are always cheering for every athlete that crosses that finish line.

Good luck at the meet tomorrow track team!

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Davis District Track Meet