Maddi Sheridan

Kate Elwick, Editor

            Working with a new coach and having a generally younger team this year, one could easily jump to the conclusion that the Woods Cross Swim team is not as successful as it has been in the past. The swimmers seem to be holding their own this year, however, as the teams have been timing extremely well. The girls won district this year, and the boys have been keeping up with multiple victories early in the season. Eric Naegle, one of the captains of the boys’ team raved that he is proud that the team “performs as well as [they] do, for as young as [their] team is.”

            The team isn’t all business though, as they have developed some fun and strange traditions that help them in competitions and team unity. The boys’ team brings a “giant golden elephant” to competitions for good luck. The girls build confidence before meets by reciting the quote “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right,” to remind themselves to do their very best. The team has made Woods Cross proud this season, and plans to continue to succeed.

Photo by Maddi Sheridan

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